For decades, American Jews have consistently supported Democrat candidates. However, that party is undergoing a seismic and alarming change. Accepting, approving and failing to condemn anti-Semitism shows the new direction of the Party.


#JEXIT believes that American Jews can no longer blindly vote Democrat.

For decades, American Jews have consistently supported Liberal Political candidates and trusted our Media.

Today, American Politics and our once trusted Media is now accepting, approving and failing to condemn anti-Semitism.

Our silence during this evolution has allowed this new Un-American, Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic to become acceptable by our mainstream media and many American Politicians on both sides of the Aisle.

At #JEXIT our mission is to educate our fellow Jewish and Christian Americans about the dangerous shift in our country’s policies away from our American Judeo/Christian Values and support for our strongest ally in the volatile Middle East Israel.

#JEXIT philosophy of “Together We Are Stronger“ is especially meaningful in today’s tense World wide political environment to insure the safety of Jewish people in the diaspora, Israel and the United States.

At #JEXIT we understand that “Together We Are Stronger“ is especially important in the United States which has the worlds largest Jewish population outside of Israel.

“Together We Are Stronger“ Means that as Americans, Christians and Jews we must #JEXIT the traditional 2 party politics of our parents and Unite as one voice in our fight against this generation’s explosive anti-Semitism.

By #JEXITING today’s strongly partisan political climate, we must stop assigning anti-Semitic hate to a political party and unite against policies.

We #JEXIT Policies by either Democrats or Republicans, Liberals or Conservatives that threatens the survival of our Religion, our Judeo/Christian Values and the survival of over 6 million Jews living in our 3,000 year old ancestral homeland Israel.

We #JEXIT to honor the Memory and “NEVER FORGET” the 6 Million men, women and children who were murdered just 80 years ago for no other reason than that they were Jewish.

JEXIT Together We are Stronger #JEXIT believes the Democrat Party has turned its back on Israel.



We cannot be complicit in this dangerous trend, Israel’s very existence depends on us. It is time we come together, to defend and support Israel and that can only be accomplished through #JEXIT – Jews leaving the Democrat Party.

#JEXIT at Trump International Rally

#JEXIT Giving Tuesday

#JEXIT celebrates the power of generosity through #GivingTuesday to accomplish our mission combating antisemitism nationwide.