Our Team

Michelle Terris-President and Founder of #JEXIT and JEXIT, Inc.

Michelle is a proven and accomplished executive with extensive experience in diverse roles within corporate and non-profit organizations.

Recognized and honored by NBC 6 with the “Spirit of South Florida” award, as she is always there to help those who are in need. Besides running her own company she spends most of her time working with her charities, www.whatsmineisyoursfoundation.org.

Michelle has completed several marathons in order to raise awareness and funds for the John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation. She runs those marathons in honor of her mother and all those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. What’s Mine is yours is also a fundraising vehicle that supports Michelle’s Table Scholarships Program. This is a yearly scholarship given to young women who demonstrate leadership in their communities. It is in honor of Michelle Vo, who lost her life in the Route 91 massacre in Las Vegas.

Michelle was the co-chair of the Jews for Trump Coalition in the 2016 Elections which eventually led to her founding of the #JEXIT movement to educate and encourage Jews to exit the Democratic Party. She is the Founder and President of JEXIT, Inc. a Florida Not for Profit 501c4 Educational Organization that has rallied on Capitol Hill against anti-Semitism. She is currently working on an exciting project with The United West, taking a large group tour to Israel standing united with Israel, in support of Judeo-Christian world values, as she believes, Together We Are Stronger. In addition to Michelle creating #JEXIT and JEXIT,Inc, Michelle cofounded The Trump Towel, inspired by Ivanka Trump’s Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, (whitehouse.gov/wgdp). Michelle recently launched TheTrumpTowel.com as a vehicle to both inspire supporters of the President, as well as raise money for deserving individuals and organizations. The proceeds from TheTrumpTowel benefit Gold Star families for their service to this nation.

Michelle is the proud mother of 2 children.

Alexandra Levine-Treasurer, JEXIT, Inc.

Born and raised in Sarasota, FL. Alexandra studied professional opera at Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA. University of Miami, and UF; where she received her Bachelor’s Degree, Magna Cumma Laude in Classical Voice.

After graduating college, Alexandra did a study aboard in Jerusalem, Israel where she worked with the IDF and the National guard. She also took classes in Hazzanut at the Conservative Yeshiva, which she led services and continues to lead services nationwide and abroad. After living in Israel, Alexandra came back to the USA; where she attended NYU Steinhardt School of Music, Education, and Development and received and received her Master’s Degree.

Politics was always apart of Alexandra’s life but she didn’t get fully involved until the 2016 election. Alexandra started the Jews 4 Trump movement in Sarasota County and became the state leader for FL, MD and DC for the America 1st Coalition which have both become national successes.

Currently, Alexandra is the treasurer on the board of Jexit, Inc. As a young Jewish conservative woman, Alexandra knew that #JEXIT was her calling. As Alexandra was living in Maryland and New York, she saw socialism start to take over around her and wanted to find a way to take that message to young millennials. Since joining #JEXIT, Alexandra feels that she has a voice again and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Alexandra’s mission is to bring awareness to young millennials that the Democratic Party does not represent them anymore.

Sofia Manolesco-Secretary, JEXIT, Inc.

Sofia Manolesco was born in Romania during Ceausecu’s dictatorship. Her family escaped the communist regime when she was eleven years old. Subsequently, Sofia grew up in France and in Canada before moving to the United States where she became a naturalized citizen. She is fluent in English, French and Romanian and has two college degrees, in Psychology and in Theater Arts, along with several Fitness certifications. Sofia has been running her private Personal Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching business since 1999. When she isn’t focusing on her businesses, Sofia enjoys giving back to the community by getting involved in noteworthy causes such as the grassroots movement #JEXIT. The steady rise of worldwide anti-Semitism and the present trend toward socialism are of grave concern to those who suffered under oppressive regimes. Sofia wants to use her experience, strength and hope to educate Americans about the imminent danger of remaining complacent when confronted with these relentless attacks on Western Civilization.

Cantor Sagee Goldenholz-Director, JEXIT, Inc.

I was a registered democrat since graduating high school in 1990. No chance I could support a republican. My parents are both Israeli born and have been registered Democrats since moving to the United States in 1965. My father’s family emigrated from Poland before the war and with the exception of of my mother’s parents, a distant aunt, and cousin who survived, the entire family was massacred in Lithuania. Buried in mass graves. All four of my wife’s grandparents were holocaust survivors.

I have served as a Cantor in various south Florida synagogues for over 20 years. I have also performed with both the Florida Grand Opera and Palm Beach Opera. Looking back, being among these groups was the first real eye-opening experience I had with regard to liberals.  Today, my concern for continued, staunch support for Democrats among American Jews, especially over the past several months, is at an all-time high. Now more than ever it’s imperative Jews become united and walk away from the Democrat party, which has become a safe space for anti-semitism.

My departure from the Democrats, began during Obama’s first term and developed steadily throughout his presidency. At the time, I was also teaching high school for the Broward county school system, down the street from Marjory Stoneman Douglas, in Parkland.

I witnessed the corruption and liberal brainwashing of students and teachers first hand. Any opposition to their belief system was met with a nasty, condescending, threatening verbiage meant to get you back in line with them. Classes were oversized, and the combination of entitlement mentality and soft discipline policy was a major issue. It took some time, but I eventually realized the failing school system is a haven for Democrats. It became a very uncomfortable situation which I also walked away from in 2012. From day one after we elected him, I sensed that Obama was promoting a rise in Muslim anti-semitism and hatred for Israel worldwide. It was also obvious to me he was looking to start a race war. During the 8 years of his presidency, any criticism of Obama had me labeled as everything from being racist to a Nazi sympathizer. And this was coming from other Jews! Even friends. The fundamental changes taking place in America were in fact the ones Obama promised but they weren’t the ones I’d hoped for. By the time Hillary was on the ballot it was clear that Trump was the only choice for America. I never thought it would happen but I officially JEXITed and registered republican this past summer. I had the honor of telling my #JEXIT story at the RJC Conference in Las Vegas March 2019 with three other #JEXITERS. By telling my testimonial, it solidified my decision to exit the Democratic Party and become a Republican for Trump!

Jody Steinlauf-Director, JEXIT, Inc.

I am a Patriot who truly believes that the Democratic Party has become too far to the left, and our fellow Jewish liberal’s have yet to realize this!

I graduated FIU with a bachelors degree in business management. From there I worked in banking for 5 years before becoming a full-time mother. After many years of a “stay at home” mom, I decided to get my real estate license and work in the real estate industry. That was 25 years ago!

My career has been very successful and a bit challenging! I’ve won many award throughout my career, one as “rookie of the year” in my first year! I love what I do, and will continue to service my clients for many more years.

However, I find that there is another “calling” in my life! I was never involved in politics until Obama was elected president! Since then I realized our country was taking a turn for the worse, and many of my Jewish liberal friends didn’t see it and still haven’t! I tried throughout the years since his presidency to educate and factually share information to my friends that keep blindly voting for their party. I HAVE converted many but my job is not done! Therefore, I will continue to reach out to those who still “don’t get it”.

I am passionate when it comes to saving this country of which I love so dearly!

Karyn Basle-Director, JEXIT, Inc.

Karyn Basle is a third-generation Jewish native Washingtonian named after her great-grandmother who was murdered in the Holocaust. She has devoted her life since 9/11 to fight anti-Semitism but when the Iran deal was passed, she could no longer remain silent.

Karyn is a political advocate for defending the Jewish faith and the state of Israel, in addition to creating awareness for American Jews.

A faithful supporter of President Trump, Karyn was fortunate to be in Jerusalem during the opening of the new embassy. Karyn’s focus leading up to the 2020 election is to use her influence among American Jews, to gain strength in numbers, in order to educate voters as to why the Democratic Party is no longer the Party of our parents and why we must re-elect President Trump. Karyn is currently on the board of JEXIT, Inc.

Siggy Flicker, Israeli-American TV personality

Team #JEXIT is humbled, truly blessed, and grateful, to announce the partnership with a dynamic, passionate woman who fell in love with our movement. She is known for her work within the Jewish community as well as her reality role on television, radio and other media appearances.

This is a proud moment for #JEXIT, because while Siggy is best known for her role on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, she also has an amazing thirst for Israel, Judeo-Christian values and has intellect beyond the lights and cameras.

Israeli born, she moved to New Jersey as a young child. Her father, Dr Mordecai Paldiel, was a Holocaust survivor who ran Yad Vashem’s Righteous Gentile Division for 24 years. Like many of us, she came from a Democrat family and upbringing, but began to feel that something was wrong and that the Party does not represent the best interests of the United States, Israel, and her fellow Jewish people anymore.

Siggy is a tremendous supporter of President Donald Trump, and has spoken globally in public forums about the issues we are dealing with domestically and in Israel. She’s conducted lectures at events with organizations such as Hadassah & Friends of the IDF, the Jewish National Fund, and so many other crucial forums that assist in the fight for our Nation as we know it, the issue of anti-Semitism, and the survival of Israel.

On top of all of the positive activity that Siggy has done, she also has tremendous influence in media and social media, with almost a half a million followers and subscribers to her various social media outlets.

This is an important step for #JEXIT at a most crucial time during the 2020 election season, the subversive activity from the far-left, and the rise of anti-Semitism. We are blessed to have Mrs. Flicker on our team, because she is truly one of us based on her experiences as a child and now as an adult with children who will inherit this world.

George Colella-Director, JEXIT, Inc.

I have been riding motorcycles since I was 19 years of age. I am a WTC Survivor and was an electrician on the 7th Fl when the planes hit. I survived for a reason.  When the establishment wasn’t doing the work for the American people, I knew something had to be done and when Trump announced he was running; I knew he was the right man for the job. That’s when I started volunteering because I felt this was my true calling. During Trump’s campaign, I joined the Bikers for Trump organization with RC Pittman and Bernadette Marie. I  personally did 13,585 miles on my bike and throughout Florida and the country. When Potus won, it was worth every mile. Then I left Bikers for Trump and joined with the Ron DeSantis campaign as Boots on the Ground Bikers For Trump.

When I met now Governor Desantis, I was amazed by him. He gave me a book he wrote and he personally signed it and said “to the Strong and Faithful” which meant a lot to me. So I decided to follow him with my bikers and on my bike, I put 9600 miles for our great Governor and our now Attorney General Ashley Moody.

As of the first of this year, Rick Sarmiento and I created Bikers For 45 and our main mission is to get  President Trump re-elected. Also, we have joined forces with #JEXIT, who are trying to convince the Jewish people to leave the Democratic Party which has become total anti-Semitic. We are determined to complete our missions because we believe we are Blessed by God!

George Colella
The Godfather
Bikers For 45
National Vice President
President for Florida